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Monsterous Irma Wipes Keywest

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Monsterous Irma Wipes 2017-09-10- 4:48 am 
Live Feed

Looks like Keywest, Florida has been desperately hit hard by the Hurricane Irma.
The National Hurricane Center has reported the winds dropping about 7 miles per hour to 7 hours per hour now from the Cuban territory waters yesterdays. What does that mean. There will be more destruction as it slowly currently makes landfall the eye of the storm.

5:00 AM EDT Sun Sep 10
Location: 24.1°N 81.5°W
Moving: NW at 8 mph
Min pressure: 928 mb
Max sustained: 130 mph

The Keywest Live Feed has been off now for several hours now. However find, watch live feeds of last minute selfies on the southern most part of the United States, Keywest, Fl

At around 1 to 2:40 pm on Saturday late afternoon people were still taking videos of the Hurricane Irma Waves as the eye of the storm was located in Cuba. One of the last feeds reported were at 6:20 pm when over 4 people we…