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May 3, 2016 Massive Exodus Trend

More than 80, 000 people in Massive Exodus Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada Wealthiest City in Canada Demolished! What really happened at Fort McMurray Alberta? What is really going on? Are we moving on to the massive Exodus era. Is the Massive Exodus trend becoming the new norm.  First the Syrian refugees fleeing from terror now the Fort McMurray mandatory evacuation.  Wether the disaster is man made or simply a human mistake the danger of humanity running away from danger is becoming a new sense of urgency and almost expectancy in 2016. Extreme and in multiple mass is really the odds that humanity is facing. Entire species disappearing, entire rivers disappearing, entire cities disappearing. What once use to happen occasionally is now being scaled in multiple scales. Fort McMurray in Flames  It has been a couple of days and a disaster has been out of control in the town of Fort McMurray in Alberta. Just how much is left is still yet to be determined. Even though it