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Start off the New Year with a Healthier Lifestyle

  Start off the New Year with a Healthier Lifestyle 2022-01-06 For the first week of the year 2022, it is important to start it off on the right foot. Doing exercise everyday is just as important as the fuel that our bodies need. If you have not done exercise in a while begin with what you can manage at the moment.  You can begin with a slow walk, then begin speeding your walk everyday. Getting an etiquette exercise will leave you feeling happier for the rest of the day. Once you have accomplished walking continue your to reach higher levels of exercise by adding a 30 second jog in between your walking period. Progress throughout the weeks with longer periods of jogging periods in between. Next thing you know you will begin to increase your jogging periods and walking will become a thing of the past. Reward yourself each time you reach the higher levels of exercise by gifting yourself with comfortable exercise attire. Find warm exercising material such as cotton and polyester. Keep spr