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Peace Deal Talk Trend Deal of a Century

 Climate Change       Deep Unusual Earthquake Trend      Volcano Trend      Hurricane Trend       Fireball Trend         Meteor Trend      Asteroid Trend Human Crisis     Prophecy      Peace Deal Talk     Blackout    Biological  weather warfare       Chemtrails    Q Strange Trends     Animal Deaths     Animal Disappearance    Animal Mutilation     Animal Rescue        Animal Cruelty   Unexplained Trends      Bridge Collapsing       Animal Invasion   Peace Deal Talk Trend Deal of a Century by Veronica Davis Friday 2018-09-14 The only person to hold the reigns of deal making this century is the man that took home the lead calling his book the Art of the Deal. Why did he think making a deal was an art.  Because he must of thought of it important to make a deal. Most people go day to day and not see the importance in anything they do.  Donald Trump has been making and breaking deals for decades . So he is definitely a Master at it. People do no