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MK Ultra Targeted Wendy Williams

Mk Ultra Celebrity Trend > Strange Behavior Trend Share with your friends by clicking on the SHARE word link above right column. MK Ultra Targeted Wendy Williams November , 01, 2017 It seems like its a spiritual attack happening on the very day of Hallow Eve. Another reason why this holiday is a witchcraft holiday, of opening up an evil portal. Our Lord Jesus Christ went around taking out demonic spirits out of the demonic spirit called Legion. Pastor Paul Begley spoke about it on his Youtube Channel this month see below video. Our Lord Jesus Christ also told us that we have the power to  be stronger than this lower level beings. But this trend of Celebrities targeted live soon became a trend. As Kate Perry and Wendy Williams and other anchors fainted live in the middle of their performance yesterday.  On Halloween dressed up as a statue of liberty Wendy Williams faints on tv. Did her costume have some sort of venom. Her crown looks very similar to the Jesus Crown