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The Megatrndz Show Season 2 Episode 16

The Megatrndz Show Season 2 Episode 16 part 2 of 3 2018--3-05 4:30 pm #climateaction #climatechaos #internet Spiritual Battle more Internet Trends of 2018 More trends are happening as the climate chaos takes full swing around the world the battle over words becomes a spiritual warfare. Listen and watch the Megatrndz Show Season 2 Episode 16 and three part show as Veronica Davis   Follow @megatrndz  talks about the similar trends causing climate chaos around the world. Another concerning issue to free speech around the world and more of Internet trends. Part 1 Climate chaos trend people stranded trend beast from the east 18 03 04 4 43 48 PM Part 2 Internet News Frozen water, internet purge news 2018 03 04 4 17 57 PM Part 3 Internet News free words, internet censoring, mocking agenda, truth Why is Christianity often Mocked and under Attack and Kept in Silence February 06, 2018 and also