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The United States Historical Shutdown Ends After 36 days

The United States Historical Shutdown Ends After 36 days by Veronica Davis 2019-01-25 Today President of the United States, Donald Trump has just finished a White House press conference stating that the Shut Down has taken an End after 36 days of the historical shut down. "Operate in Good Faith" and " A truly Great and Secure Deal for Everyone" are the words of the United States President. The press conference is found below. "It is just common sense walls work" says Donald Trump, " They are not medieval walls, they are smart walls" are among some of his remarks about the Wall Proposal . "Not a United States problem but a World problem" says President Donald Trump. Those are among the few words by President Donald Trump Delivered Regarding the Shutdown. Meanwhile Roger Stone an adviser of the President who claims that papers disappear from the President's desk has been arrested in the Morning as a Fbi squad of 17 vehicl