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Human Crisis Trend Christianity Targeted by Canadian Police

Prince Phillip Dies at 99 yrs Old 2021-04-09 Today Prince Phillip died at 99 years old. What does this mean to the World. The irony in all of this, a Christian Church in Alberta has been looking more of a Waco Texas Standoff.  But not exactly because it seems no one is allowed to go inside the acreages of private property. The irony that both events are happening during the same time is no coincidence. Canada is looking more like China than anything else. Fencing the Church in 3 phases is the oddest. Currently there are over 15 police cars and 3 different layers of the the cake from RCMP to Paladin Security to Local police. Paladin Security is a security responding to world crisis events. In North America they work for the Educational system and Malls. In Europe they respond to Earthquake. This is the three layers of the cake. In the name of Authority in this case Health Authority, private property will be seized. Anyone heard of Agenda 21. The Private Property seized by