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Climate Chaos Fireball Meteorite 2019 Trend

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Human Crisis What is happening in Puerto Limon Costa Rica

Human Crisis What is happening in Puerto Limon Nicaragua by Veronica Davis 2018 07-28 More Reason Ortega is a deep threat to the United States A couple of years ago, the United States ambassador in Nicaragua was interrogating the Ortega Government for purchasing 50 Russian Tanks. In April 2016, In an article entitled " Costa Rica Concerned Over Nicaragua’s Purchase Of 50 Russian Tanks ": QCOSTARICA – Costa Rica authorities are very concerned about the recent acquisition of 50 battle tanks by Nicaragua. The tanks are Russian made and of the latest generation, according to La Prensa. US Ambassador in Nicaragua, Laura Dogu, said Tuesday that her government seeks more information on the acquisition. “We have read reports of Russian tanks and obviously we are looking for more information at this time,” said the diplomat. Now a video was captured by a family  off the  Coast of Puerto Limon, Costa Rica hundreds of  American military vehicles and  tanks are heading