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Human Crisis Yellow Vest Protest Leaves People Handicapped

Human Crisis Yellow Vest Protest Leaves People Handicapped 2019-01-27 #YellowVests #GiletJaunes What kind of World are we living in. Governments falling a part. Can anyone think about who is pulling the strings behind the curtain. I warned about how creepy the Remembrance Day November 11, 2018 truly looked like when Presidents came together under the Arc of Triumph or Arc of Baal. People think that protest are some kind of walk but in reality Governments eventually turn it into violence. Is it really worth loosing an eye. Or loosing a life. Or be part of a political prison. This week Violence is still happening in the streets of France. Rubber bullets are so harmful that it can leave one forever blind and handicapped. This is the case for one man in the streets of France today. The Macron police rubber bullets deliberately left one forever without an eye. France Crisis Violence Continues #YellowVests Human Crisis Yellow Vest Canada Calgary 2019-01-26 The yello