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Decoding Jose, Maria, Lee Hurricanes

Decoding Jose, Maria, and Lee 3 Biblical HurricanesSaturday, September 16, 2017 10:33 pm

Just how easy is it to decode Jose, Maria, and Lee. Is it a biblical sign or a mockery? Remember how Jesus Christ was mocked many times by many.

With Meteors seen passing by as large fireballs lite the sky in Africa on September 14, 2017 and
Hurricane Maria now being formed in the Atlantic Ocean. It will definitely bring alot of attention to the Christian World.  Now the word lee means sediments.

In the next few days, will definitely be decoding its deep christian roots and ties to the bible. These events are unfolding all at once.

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Inspiring Others at Fashion Week

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 London Fashion Week  Becoming Inspirational Fashion Models 

2017-09-16- 1:39 pm 

London Fashion Week New Models
Currently in London, England it is

Becoming Inspirational Fashion Models is the name of this article because it will become a growing trend. Perhaps fashion models one day will become more like a role model, one with a story , one with a past.

In the previous article entitled Neither Too Big or Too Thin, we looked at how being the perfect model size was slowly gradually changing in the fashion industry. As continues to look at the latest growing trend of Fashion Week in this case London, it takes us the same very topic "diversity". !:
kiddiespost:Alton Towers crash victim Vicky Balch modelled at London Fashion Week and no one realised. — Aitaleabiamo (@aitaleabiamo1) September 16, 2017 tweeted back the world noticed.. believe that nothing ever goes un…

Protest at Fashion Week

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Currently London, England it is
 London Fashion Week  Protest at London Fashion Week2017-09-16- 1:30 pm 

#ldfw #leatherisdead #LFW #furfashion #banfur #petauk 

What is it all about. While some gather inside to watch the latest creations by big name labels others gather outside to protest. It is a scene quickly building up as more and more people want to get their point of views heard.
#leatherisdead#lfw#fashion time to change — (@megatrndz) September 16, 2017
Let us see what all the racket is about. Just 18 minutes the following tweet hit worldwide from a British Cabbie driver. Chants like "shame week" seem to be progressing just outside the Clerkenwell Green for Burberry London Fashion Week show! :
Big protest that's kicking off on Clerkenwell Green for the Burberry London Fashion Week show! — 馃嚞馃嚙Parker馃嚞馃嚙 (@ParkerCabbie) Septembe…

London Fashion Week 2017

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 London Fashion Week  2017-09-15- 5:48 am 
1 day to go... — London Fashion Week (@LondonFashionWk) September 14, 2017
Neither Too Big or Too Thin 

Promoting normal sizes over 12 is steadily rising, all around the World such as last week in New York fashion week and this week in London Fashion week.  So fashion has been surely slowly evolving in all catwalks around the world as  normal size women are promoting new styles for the retailers that are changing the perfect size model. In the end, its really is all up to the designers or retailers who will have the last word, who will strutt their stuff .

 About four days ago,  in the article "Plus Size Brand Torrid makes it New York fashion week debut"  Yahaira Jacquez  writes:

“Over 60 percent of the women in America are plus size (or) considered plus size,” said Elizabeth Munoz, head of product and design for Torrid. “The fashion industr…