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Feminist Trend: So what you are a Feminist but I am a Woman

Feminist Trend: So what! You are a  Feminist and I am a Woman by Veronica Davis 2018-03-14 So what! You are a Feminist. But I am a Woman. To be a Feminist does not mean you are a woman. Woman for centuries have been fighting for rights and equality that simply is a mirror image of society. What is a women fighting for in one country simply is not the same in another. Besides just exactly what are  women fighting for. Rights.  Equality. Fairness. Attention. These are simply social rights not Heavenly blessed gifts not rights. Cause God gives us all gifts. Man creates rights on this Earth. I am a woman and I fight for nothing. Atleast in these realm of reality on Earth.  No man or Woman can give me or take away anything from me. Is it physical. Is it Spiritual. One man can not give me anything physical so I can become an identical match to my opposite sex. Can another man give me its equal body parts . Not one man can be equal to another man. It is simply