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Canadian Journalist Arrested in Conservative Event today

Canada National Security, My Dream and The Joker 10-3-2019 by Veronica Davis If you are anywhere near PM Trudeau expect to get pushed. Why are people all the sudden getting pushed around by the Police in Canada. Well it may seem that Canada is a free country but people in Canada are learning slowly what Canada is truly about. It is becoming a very intimidating and scary place to live.  If you think bullying does not exist in Canada well think twice. A couple of weeks ago before Justin Trudeau was in Winnipeg for the Blackface incidence , he skipped a big Election Debate in Quebec. Yes our PM did not go to a national election debate. Instead he went to a Hotel and kicked out everyone that was going to be near him. Yeap a family  member whom  was not even on vacation but working staying at a Penthouse Suites was in a Hotel room in Quebec that the company often pays for. When he received a note and had all his stuff thrown out of the hotel room just so Trudeau and his Nat

Today Journalist Arrested at Andrew Scheer Public Campaigning

Today Journalist Arrested at Andrew Scheer Public Campaigning 9/30/2019 by Veronica Davis Is journalism in Canada becoming a threat to Canadian Society? Is Canadian journalism changing from yesterdays? Today, we saw Canadian police like nothing before. Have they gone too far. What Rebel Media is claiming clearly shows that  arresting an innocent Canadian journalist is not only unheard of but it is going too far. The journalist David Menzies is from Rebel News. Although the journalism they do is nothing close to a bannana republic rebel or revolutionist they are simply a polite upright news covering reporters. So has Canadian police officers suddenly setting a precedent for journalists in Canada. With over five police patrol cars heading their way to arrest one journalist like David it sure looked like they were looking for a bait in their pond. It seems that the news reporting will for sure change in Canada as politicians are policing themselves from their promotional campa