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Prince Phillip Dies at 99 years old April 9, 2021 666

Prince Phillip Dies at 99 yrs Old Veronica Davis 2021-04-09 Today Queen Elizabeth II  husband,  Prince Phillip died at 99 years old. There are several ironical things about this information that has been released. The first is the eeriness it represents. How many number nines are they associated with the Princes  death. The number nine upside down is a six. The number six has been mentioned in the Ancient Book of Revelation by Jesus Christ Apostle John. John was called Son of Thunder by him. The Emperor Nero was also associated with the triple six. He was an Emperor that highly persecuted people. To learn more of this history watch the Apostle Paul new movie released several years ago. What does this mean to the World. The irony in all of this, a Christian Church in Alberta has been looking more like a false Waco Texas Standoff.  But not exactly because it seems no one is allowed to go inside the acreages of private property. The irony that both events are happening duri