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Climate Change The Assault of Geoengineering of 2018

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 Climate Change The Assault of Geoengineering of 2018 by Veronica Davis Sunday  2018-09-23  
Human Crisis Geoengineering

We must pray whom we ELECT next as the Beast System is here! It is time to kick it out.
The Climate is one thing that is whacked already but it is becoming a Human Crisis as it  begins to affect our livestock, our health and our physical property. Canada is not use to as  many Tornadoes as the United States but now the numbers are beginning to pile up so we must kick out this beast system that is being created.
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Climate Chaos: Evacuation Trend Virginia Floods California Fires

Geoengineering Hurricane Harvey

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Is Hurricane Harvey Geoengineering
2017-08-30 11:50am

There are several videos popping out of the internet, for geoengineering Hurricane Harvey So it is said , that King David would cast away demons when he played his harp. Has anyone heard of Haarp. If not you have alot ot catch up with. What about Atlantis. Has anyone heard Atlantis people were so advanced it is said that they created a catastrophy by manipulating the weather. Makes a little more sense now.
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aclysm: Hurricane Harvey ( Dane Wigingto…

Weather Warfare Trend

Can Hurricane be a Source of a Weather Warfare, Watch Hurricane Matthew U turn
Published 2016-10-16 5:48AM Central Time

At approximately 2 AM today, October 6, 2016 Hurricane Category 4, 2016  will head to Florida an over 700 miles wide storm and 130 miles per hour wind with 13 ft waves at the eye of the storm. An annual pass of Comet  over the skies and meteor showers pass by the earth (1). Also as two asteroids pass in no less than 70 LD (Lunar Distance) away from the earth, 2016RF40 and 2012 EN 5 . Hurricane Matthew doing U turns and birds flying on top of the eye of the storm. What!

Hurricane Matthew to Do A U-Turn? Latest Track Has it Moving Back Toward Bahamas
 26,292 views 13 hours ago Daboo77

1. see Daboo77 youtube October 4, 2016 video for more on this subject Eyes to the Skies! The Mystical Draconid Meteor Shower Peaks This Week.

WATCH Hurricane Matthew to Do A U Turn Latest Track Has it Moving Back Toward Bahamas by NEWS CHANNEL 428 13 hours ago
Major Update Alert !…