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MK Ultra: Canadian Families Fighting The System

MK  Ultra Trend                Targeted Individual Trend          Strange Behavior Trend       Lost in Time Trend The Hollywood Trend         The System Trend     False Prophets Trend   Strange Behavior Trend MK Ultra Trend : Lost  In Time by Veronica Davis 2017-12-23 Once Again The System Lost In Time Trend pops up again in the megatrndz theme. Now you do not have to be an elder to be experimented on, it is starting as young as an embryo " Frozen Embryo Trend: 24 year old Embryo Born ". Less than three decades ago people were being put to sleep for 23 days in a row n. But it is not enough time for the The Wicked Beast System, where now it has beat a record of all time as  it has jumped a remarkable number or 24 years. So Where is " The Wicked Beast System " is heading to or has been heading to. But will it hit a nose dive like " As Hollywood Empire Spirals Downwards If you are a first time reader to megatrndz you probably never h