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Human Crisis Day 5 ukrain War Monday Feb 28. 2022

Human Crisis Ukraine War Day 5 Monday Feb 28 2022 4 am Day 5 Time 12:38 p.m. Monday, February 28, 2022 (GMT+2) Time in Ukraine Putin threatens a nuclear war. Today on Aj discussion of Putin's secret weapon called Satan2 is capable of exploding a size like Texas in seconds. At around 15:00 or 3 pm negotiations will begin at Belarus Border after Putins Threat. He has agreed to meet with Ukrain President. Meanwhile Putin may have fired a high military command that was holding back the nuclear threat. Ukrainians Held Back Lviv, Ukraine Ukranian civilians prepare in the streets with bottles filled with styrafoam and other explosives. Fox reporter shows ukrain students making Molotov cocktails Refugees People flee by foot. Others stuck in traffic jam. Poland An american man walked for 20 hours to get to Poland from Ukraine. In an interview he says that people that fled by fooy have no food or electricity in winter. More refug

Ukraine Crisis February 25 2022 Update

Day 2 Friday February 25 2021 3:40 pm ukraine 7:40 am Tweets  Day 2 of Ukraine Crisis   Russian War Ukrainians sheltering in metro stations as air sirens are soundind loud. Apartment building was destroyed overnight. Ukraine has shot down 2 russian missiles and fighter jet at calital. Over 137 dead and more injued in Ukraine. Today DW a german public broadcast reports Ukraine soldiers is fighting russian troops on ground outside of Kyiv, ukraine. Ukraine Refugees Drafts Why are troops not going to Ukraine. Is it fear. While most Ukrainians are running desperately out of targeted zones which is almost in 8 cities some have to stay. Males between ages 18 to 60 have to fight for their country. Most have no experience. UN says over 5 million will flee Ukraine. Ukraine refugees are at Romania border Chernobyl While yesterday there are reports the Russia is taking over Chernobyl it is hard to say why. Some say chernobyl

#standwithukraine #stoprussia After Russia Attacks February 24 2022

February 24 2022 2:11 pm ukraine time After the full invasion of Ukraine nearby  foreign ministers and ministers are tweeting their frustration and anger. But initially others were concerned with selfies and cyber attacks discussions not civilians. Was this a deterrent or plain dumbness . If war games was like this what would a world ne ran by these collective minds. Prepare spititually with Jesus Christ. Kaja Kallas is Eesti Vabariigi peaminister, Prime Minister of Estonia  @kajakallas·4 hours ago Here is my full statement on Russia’s full-scale attack against Ukraine ⬇️  Russia must stop immediately. The people of Ukraine - you have our unwavering support. #StandWithUkraine 馃嚭馃嚘 Was all this caught by surprise standing in middle of street while others are in hiding. It seems 13 hours ago  Eva-Maria Liimets @eliimets Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republ

Hundreds Dead Russia in Ukraine Soil

1:35 p.m. Thursday, February 24, 2022 (GMT+2) Time in Ukraine Thursday Feb. 24 2022 5:36 am Canadian time As we westerners slept. Chaos reports of Ukraine civilians victims of War times. Hundreds.. Dead. As the Feb 19  Marian revelation reported from Archandel Michael that the tentacles of the Evil were prepared. See or watch  Previously posted : Time in approximately Ukraine Noon  It is being reported a couple hours ago that Russian troops have captured on ground Odessa blocking streets. Screenshot images taken Thursday Feb 24 22 actual 1:37 am approximately  Australian news report 3 hours ago Tweets:  Russian forces have blocked the entry and exit point of Kharkov city.Ukrainian troops are currently in the streets of Odessa. Numerous videos of Ukrainian military convoys passing through the city of Odessa po

Rumors of War Human Crisis Russia at War with Ukraine

Day 1 Full Scale Invasion is on ground in Ukraine. Around 5 am Ukraine time February 24 2022 a war has broken out in Ukraine. Fox news reporter 10:20 pm February 23 2022  explains a tweet sent by Marco Rubio that two of Ukraine largest cities is being targeted with ballistic missiles by Russia. Military base and airport has been the target strike. Marco Rubio @marcorubio: To clarify what is underway is a full scale & comprehensive military assault throughout #Ukraine Airborne & amphibious landings,missile strikes from air,ground & naval forces, electronic & cyber attacks & a large ground for twitter screenshots wednesday february 23 2022 11:20 pm At this time air in ukraine is suspended. This comes minutes before Vladimir Putin sends mitary generals underground bunkers. Watch beyond israel The news has surfaced live discussions on ukraine crisis as emergency discussion at the unit

Parliament Suspended February 18 2022 11 pm after Trudeau' February 14 Emergency Act

Is the Emergency measures act just for trudeau's family. So why does it exist. Only Pierres Trudeau has used it. Parliament Suspended February 18 2022 11 pm after Trudeau' February 14 Emergency Act. The minority government Emergency measures Act does not meet its threshholds. These Critical criterias is creating a question period within the Parliament. Mr Andrew Sheer ( )  claimed that the Government is suspended as of 11 pm Friday before MPs question Period. As of  February 18 just 4 days after the Emergency Act was passed.Parliament Suspended February 18 2022 11 pm after Trudeau' February 14 Emergency measure Act. On March 13, 2020, Parliament suspended for 5 weeks amid COVID-19 concerns after passing trade deal, spending bills MPs, senators voted to pass new North American trade bill claimed Catharine Tunney and John Paul Tasker From CBC News

The Flourishing of the Righteous #freedomconvoy2022

When in mind of the freedom convoy i. Opened the Bible to Proverbs 29. This sacred Bible verse belongs to the Ancient Book of Proverbs written hundreds of years before Jesus Christ. Proverbs 29 also is titled The Flourishing of the Righteous, this is because when the : A man who hardens his neck  after much reproof   Will suddenly be broken beyond remedy. This goes out to leaders of our time. Yesterday after Pm Trudeau declared Emergency act on Sunday..he set out officers to arrest peaceful loving patriots of freedom. Since when is carrying a Canadian flag a crime. The Metis organizer of Tamara Lich leads,  The Flourishing of the Righteous. She was arrested yesterday like Pastor Arthur from Alberta was also arrested for the same act as mischief. He has been in jail for weeks now. Flourishing of the Righteous 1 A man who remains stiff-necked after much reproof will suddenly be shattered beyond recovery. 2 When the righteous flourish, the people r

Pm Right hand a Nazi Family Ties

 Snitch lines..freezing accounts..all communists moves. Next your home..So let us remind what the Canadian Parliment family mean. Pm says words similar to Hitler now a reminder from 2017 Globe and mail article said about his right hand family ties.  The castro having Jewish roots how is their relations with nazi background roots. Today AJ infowars reminder of placing PM as the puppet of Freeland as the economic forum member.   News too of booger lovers collecting dna after pcr tests done as illegal mentions aj. Courts in Canada are hidden. Justice are hidden behind camera. Covid 19 has turned JUSTICES's behind curtain. You do not see their face they get to see yours and accuse you of hearsay. Covid 19 has changed laws countries and they are getting away with it.

Human Crisis Protected Demonstrators Supporters Geneva Convention

 Protected Demonstrators Supporters Geneva Convention #freedomconvey2022 The charter of rights are being ignored by canadian politicians and other professionals. February 12 2022 Winnipeg Canada While the peaceful demonstrators since January 29 2022 have been dancing hugging and creating a peaceful environment nonetheless they are verbally and physically being called unlawful. Let us not mention Trudeau calling the unvaxxed racist and take up space. In Canada unvaxxed are not allowed to eat in restaurant go to movie theater attend university or play indoor sports. Traveling on trains or airplanes.  The world is not going to back down after this verbal assault. Trudeau can not be PM with name calling and Americans Bill Maher calls this spoken words from Hitler. American lawyer are sending Canadians the Geneva Convention Rights of protest. The police in ottowa has comited war crimes under the geneva convention.