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why old walmarts becoming fema

Closing Big Corporations for a Secret Deeper Agenda 2017-09-05 Update: July 11 2018, note that the account suspension trend has deleted the following videos below. However it really does not matter because the videos have been already viewed over 300,000 views around the world.  Here is a video similar by "WalMart FEMA Camp Opens in Houston! | Hurricane Harvey - Predictive Programming". Megatrndz website is to pick up on social trends as more people demand the truth. 2017-09-05 What once was considered predictive programming in universal Hollywood movies like the 5th wave is now a reality! Now the twitter community has non stop been tweeting fema camps in walmart. Will this form of communication the last part of "there" predictive programming "us" to acceptance. Just simply hashtage to  twitter  #walmartfema here are the most recent Also #boycottwalmart #deathcamps It seems that the most recent disaster happening to this day in the