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Meditating Seeds for Every Season

 Second Sunday of Lent      Psalm 26:8-9    Genesis 22.1-2     Genesis 9-13      Genesis 15-18     Roman 8:31  Mark 1:12    Seed Season Trend: Meditating Seeds for Every Season  Tweet by Veronica Davis #lent #seeds #success #meditation A seed has life. Start meditating your thoughts on this second Sunday of Lent  February 25, 2018 by thinking how you can get ready for Spring. If you have never planted before its  never too late to start with one. A small spot will do. There are no such thing as coincidences. When my husband and I  moved to our first home it had a few flowers planted as a display. Then he randomly put a cucumber seed on small location where there was nothing but grass the cucumber plant grew. Little did I know that it was going to be the first of  many more plants. That year I jokingly told my husband that we could be farmers. He laughed and looked at me strange. That year, I began asking my mother for seeds out of her Garden. Most of the seeds