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Thanking with Love As the Year 2021 Ends

Clothing Trend   Thanking with Love As the Year 2021 Ends   by Veronica Davis 2021-12-30 I love the LORD, because He hears My voice and supplications. Psalms 116:1 'Love' was Jesus Christ's theme throughout his life while he walked the Earth over 2,000 years ago. It is also because he is pure Love. Today, A day before 2021 year ends and we are off with a New Year. As I searched and opened up the Sacred Bible, God Almighty opened up my eyes to this Biblical verse from the Ancient Book of Psalms 116. In order for God Almighty to listen to our prayers and create miracles He needs to know that We Love Him. How do we do this? We can show him the appreciation we have for all He has done for Us this year.  I know for me Jesus Christ has kept me Healthy and Strong this past year. He has not turned his back away from Me. I keep him daily in my prayers every night and when I wake. I say a short phrase,  " Thank You God for All that you have done for Me" or &quo

Matching His and Hers: Loving Flamingo Long Sleeve Jean Shirt

Clothing Trend   Matching His and Hers: Loving Flamingo Long Sleeve Jean Shirt by Veronica Davis 2021-12-17 If you are one of those that love to match, this is a great gift for any couple who is not afraid to show off. The Veronica Davis Mix and Match collection allows this great opportunity for anyone who loves style and great quality design. Flamingo is a hot trend and what a lovely gesture to show to everyone your affection for the other. When I was designing this, I thought about comfort and who does not love the never ending casual look of jeans and in a long sleeve that will keep you warm. But I could not resist the flamingo stamp of love. You will see flamingos everywhere and that is because they are such stylish creatures.

The Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse in 600 years

 Celestial Trend    Blood Moon Cryptocurrency Trend Human Crisis Trend   Bioweapon Trend   Chemtrail Trend Biological warfare Trend   Atmospheric Geoengineering Trend  Bioterrorism           Bioengineering The Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse in 600 years by Veronica Davis 2021-11-19  #supermoon #bloodmoon  (2021-11-19) Did you know that the longest lunar partial eclipse is happening at dawn on November 19, 2021. What is also unique is that during this full moon the color will look red, also called a blood moon. This is also the first eclipse in the eclipse season. If God Almighty is not telling us something today then I do not know who is? Today is not only November 19, 2021 with the numbers 1 and 9 being the emergency numbers worldwide; we are also experiencing the longest full partial eclipse moon in over 600 years.  In the central part of Canada, such as in Winnipeg the Moon began to make its glory at around 4:30 pm central time with its marvelous look. I was mesmerized by

Hear from World Blockchain Summit Experts speak of Defi

Cryptocurrency Trend Hear from World Blockchain Summit Experts speak of Defi by Veronica Davis Thursday 2021-11-12 Updated 2021-11-18 When does Open Finance meet DeFi ? Well if you do not what the word DeFi means than it is important to know that first. This October I attended the  World Blockchain Summit 2021 in Dubai and there were many strange words used on stage almost sounding like acronyms. The fact is that many of the words used were mostly invented by the techno people. So not really that much of a foreign language.  You may have already come across that word reading online and perhaps paid little or no attention to it  such as DeFi. So if you do do not know what  'De', stand for than  'DeFi' will make no sense. The word DeFi is mostly used by the originators of technology. Because we are living in the Crypto world than words like Defi will be among many other crypto words used today. World Blockchain Summit Dubai  Panel Discussion October 12,2021 'De' m

New Book on its way Know Crypto Talk before you Invest

Crypto Trend  New Book on its way Know Crypto Talk Before You Invest Veronica Davis 2021-10-27 #crytocurrency #defi #wbsdubai $ETH $BTC The Digital World of Money has been shifting years ago. You may have heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The covid-19 pandemic has not put the digital world asleep. In fact, the pandemic pushed the digital currencies around the World to a new direction where many made millions from  cryptocurrencies investment. So being at home during a pandemic paid off for many. The Digital currency first took off in 2012 from its home base as Bitcoin $bitcoin being a digitally American Crypto currency and Ethereum $ethereum being a Canadian digital currency.   If you do not know what the World crypto currency is all about, you may have noticed the tone of this blog has changed. That is because I am currently working on my next book about my experience and trip to a far away land in the UAE in Dubai. How my involvement with the crypto currency world came not as m

No proof of Vaccination what you may want to know?

  Human Crisis No proof of Vaccination what you may want to know? 2021-10-21 updated 2021-11-22 Please note visiting government website for up to date information for your country snapshot date 2021-10-21 from French Government Website note subject to change at any time If you would like to travel but do not know where to go. Well you  may consider the green colored  countries. Not all countries around the world need to see proof of vaccination. Arrival to Dubai Dubai is one of the countries listed as green. What does that mean? This means you can go without being vaccinated. The trick is to not do any connections with the red countries which require proof of vaccination like United States. If you do make the wrong connecting flight than you will be not allowed to enter country you are connecting flights. For example, if you are going to your home country Canada and are coming from Dubai, your connecting flight home is Minneapolis in the United States. For the unvaccinated in

Crypto Trend: UnFederalReserve USA Howard Krieger

Crypto Trend Crypto Trend Similar Stories Crypto Trend: Crypto Currency Expo Unites World Wide Leaders in Dubai in October 2021 October 07, 2021 Crypto Trend: World Blockchain Summit Manuel Blanco from Mexico   October 13, 2021 Crypto Trend: UnFederalReserve USA Howard Krieger   October 13, 2021   World Blockchain Summit 2021 #WBSDubai #UberState headlines at JW Marriott world Tallest hotel Dubai October 13 2021 Veronica Davis desert safari #dubai trescon world block chain summit Uberstate Jess Davis Evan Davis Veronica Davis October 12 2021  UnFederalReserve USA Howard Krieger by Veronica Davis  October 13 , 2021 Who is Howard Krieger? He comes from banking from ten years experience.  He says  that there is problem in liquidity when it comes with financial  intuitions. He is a co- founder and CEO un Federal Reserve USA and  has a general purpose.  A UnFederal Reserve is a  Fintech SaaS company.  He is founded in 2018 by seasoned banking and fintech professionals.  The purpose o

Crypto Trend: Crypto Currency Expo Unites World Wide Leaders in Dubai in October 2021

Crypto Trend: Crypto Currency  Unites World Wide Leaders in Dubai in  October 2021 World Block Chain Summit          by Veronica Davis  2021-10-07 Crypto Currency has its historical points and long in the making. It is no longer new today.  However, if you look the wrong way, you will still find articles that seem to be written more to scare off people. This is becoming a folklore for many and more as an insult for the many involved in this industry. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there and the train is moving real fast even today.  Most specially in a small moving World Wide economy created from this  two year pandemic. Crypto currencies can be owned by private owned companies, entire provinces or States and even countries.  This next week, thousands  of the movers and shakers of the world economy such of investors of crypto industry leaders are uniting in Dubai and I am going to be there to write about it. If permitted I will be casting it live one of them called World B

All Because My Name

All Because My Name  Veronica Davis 2021-09-12  Humanity has always been through many historical Human Crisis and Jesus Christ lived to tell us about it. Many will have abundance but abundance will be in the short run at least on Earth. Jesus Christ said there are many Mansions in Heaven. Remember the story of the Wealthy Man had to sell all he had in order to enter Heaven. We are living through very difficult times. For those that are all alone in the world will find themselves depressed, confused or tormented by what is happening with the mandates and control over our own bodies. But you are never really alone because Jesus Christ did tell us what would happen. And because we are one with the Holy Spirit we are never really alone just lonely.  "You will be hated   by all   because of My Name   but it is the one who has endured   to the end who will be saved .   Matthew 10:22   What did Jesus Christ mean? He meant a lot in just a short sentence. The word saved was primarily the

PM of Canada or The King Maxime Bernier Sets Precedent at Forks Market?

  Human Crisis Trends   PM of Canada or The King Maxime Bernier Sets Precedent at Forks Market? by Veronica Davis 2021-06-07 #canada #PurpleWave  #novaccinepassportsanywhere  #Winnipeg  #canpoli #VotePPC Maxime Bernier is the leader and runner for Prime Minister of Canada. I called him My Prime Minister and another presenter called him The King. He called everyone Freedom Fighters. Yesterday Maxime Bernier visited the People of Winnipeg at The Forks Market a location where the Red River meets with the Assiniboine River.  He started of his speech with reminding the Winnipeg People who no longer is in power and the reasons for his arrest last time he visited Winnipeg. He was talking about the NDP Government leader Brian Pallister, whom Maxime blames for his arrest.  He spoke about how the Government wants to divide us by Vaccination stages. This will bring segregation and discrimination in Canada. The PPC and Maxime Bernier's vision is to keep Canadians united and oppose this new imp