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Megatrndz Show July 31, 2018 The Spy Games

Human Crisis Trend #sosnicaraggua U.S Vice President Mike Pence says "The United States stands with the Nicaraguan People

Censorship Trend: Radio Correspondent Detained in Granada Nicaragua Sunday July 29, 2018

Censorship Trend: Radio Correspondent Detained in Granada Nicaragua Sunday July 29, 2018by Veronica Davis 2018-07-30
More censorship all around Nicaragua as radio hosts are being kidnapped by paramilitary live during their coverage. Last Week rogue leader Daniel Ortega claimed that Nicaragua paramilitary has never detained or has been present during the day during peaceful marches. Ironically, Daniel Ortega was criticized by the whole Nicaraguan nation over the lies that slithered down his throat when interviewed live by Fox News. In the interview, he stated that the paramilitary has never been present in any demonstration not taking responsibility for his actions.

In Washington  over 8 countries including United States , Canada , and Brazil  are condemning his Daniel Ortega actions.

And now, Radio Correspondent for Canal 10 in Granada, Nicaragua Roberto Collado Urbina is detained by the paramilitary on Sunday’s live radio transmission during a peaceful march .

At 6:39 PM - 29 Jul 201…

Human Crisis What is happening in Puerto Limon Costa Rica

Human Crisis What is happening in Puerto Limon Nicaragua by Veronica Davis 2018 07-28
More Reason Ortega is a deep threat to the United States

A couple of years ago, the United States ambassador in Nicaragua was interrogating the Ortega Government for purchasing 50 Russian Tanks. In April 2016, In an article entitled "Costa Rica Concerned Over Nicaragua’s Purchase Of 50 Russian Tanks":

QCOSTARICA – Costa Rica authorities are very concerned about the recent acquisition of 50 battle tanks by Nicaragua. The tanks are Russian made and of the latest generation, according to La Prensa.

US Ambassador in Nicaragua, Laura Dogu, said Tuesday that her government seeks more information on the acquisition. “We have read reports of Russian tanks and obviously we are looking for more information at this time,” said the diplomat.

Now a video was captured by a family  off the  Coast of Puerto Limon, Costa Rica hundreds of  American military vehicles and  tanks are heading to perhaps Nicaragua…

Human Crisis Babies and Senior Citizens Die After Attacked by Nicaraguan Corrupt Police

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Human Crisis Trend

Babies and Senior Citizens Die After Attacked by Nicaraguan Corrupt Police by Veronica Davis 2018-06-24
#sosnicaragua #gritodenicaragua

More Children are dying under the Ortega Regime in Nicaragua. Innocent lives are being lost under the cross fire that has been occurring this past week. This past week a mother was heading to her mothers house with her baby in her arm. Not knowing that the Ortega Police was present in the street she was shot. The mother held the dead baby in her arms thinking he was still alive and took him to the hospital.See video below .

No longer are children lives saved under the care of the medical institutions.  Are their lives purposely not saved. Legal documents are being faked as suicides. Senior citizens are dying and just yesterda…

Human Crisis Nicaraguan Journalist under Attack

Human Crisis Trend

More about Nicaragua Latest News

Human Crisis Nicaraguan Journalist under Attack 2 pm 2018-6-14

#leon #censorship #sosnicaragua #journalism
Journalist are under attack after the military police from Cuba invades Leon, Nicaragua. Their target is the journalists and director of radio stations. In the next tweets, the townspeople speak:
Leon Nicaragua Journalism attacked

#SOSNicaragua#Leon — Yane Palacio (@PalacioYaneyri) June 14, 2018
Periodista Gilbert Idiaquez de @Corporacion540 y camarógrafo de canal 10 fueron apuntado con arma por bomberos y policias en Nindiri. Los afectados afirman que pudieron reconocer a sus agresores. Nos solidarizamos y exigimos respeto a los periodistas. — Café con Voz (@CafeconVozNi) June 14, 2018


Entre la vida y la muerte se encuentra el Cro. Leonel Morales, delegado de UNEN ante el Diálogo Nacional, quien la noche de ayer fue secuestrado, golpeado y baleado por delincuentes de la …

Human Crisis Trend #sosnicaragua #ParoPorNicaragua

Human Crisis Trend

More about Nicaragua Latest News
Human Crisis Trend #sosnicaragua Nicaraguan Priests Threatened
by Veronica Davis 2018-06-14 #genocide #sosnicaragua #ParoPorNicaragua

By Noon Today, a young woman from Leon sends out attacks are happening in Leon, Nicaragua. The Church is the center of attention. They tweet their messages to Bishop Silvio Baez .:

 León, Nicaragua atacan el barrio de Zaragoza!! Quieren tomarse la iglesia!! Ayuda ayuda! #SOSNicaragua @silviojbaez atacan la iglesia por sonar las campanas en forma de aviso @laprensa

The Zaragoza Church Bells begin to ring:
León, Nicaragua attack the Zaragoza neighborhood !! They want to take the church !! Help help! #SOSNicaragua @silviojbaez attack the church by ringing the bells in the form of notice @laprensa
En León atacan Zaragoza — Radio Dario 89.3 (@RadioDarioNi) June 14, 2018
Military Cuban Police begin to attack the entrance of San Carlos, Leon Nicaragua. The locals beg…