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Censored Trend Eiptein Dead

Climate Chaos   Censorship Trend Deception Trend Censored Deception Trend Epstein Dead (August 10, 2019)The end is not near. But what would probably be real astonishing is that Jefferey Epstein probably was not really his real name or real life. Killing many birds with one stone looks like an easy story for a horrific story. However did it really happen. The only death here  is the narrative. How realistic are 2 attempts of suicide . The story involve different countries, kings and queens and corruption beyond a few hundred victims. It is exposing everyone that is in charge today. Bringing out to surface what we already know. But just because this would have been a climate political chaos does not mean it is safe now that the testimony is gone. The godless have somehow known how to hide Epstein. Until his real body comes to the surface there would be nothing else to deny. Countries against each other. This would have been an endless case of lawsuits to bring down the darkness