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AI Trend: Where is Mark Zuckerberg? Parliament asks

AI Trend     Political Censorship Trend    Bible Prophecy Trend      Mocking Trend     #QANON     #Q Files Trend     Nation Against Nation Trend AI Trend: Where is Mark Zuckerberg? Parliament asks 2018-04-26 #facebook @CommonsCMS #MikeSchroepfer #markzuckerberg #CambridgeAnalytica Parliment #fb #facebook #SCL #Palantir #AIQ #StanfordAnalytica #MississippiAnalytica #DarkData #FollowTheData Not happy UK Parliament, told Facebook did FB hide evidence to Parliament on February 2018. Mark Zuckerberg no shows @CommonsCMS , is being asked by Parliament why he did no show. When told that Mark was too busy worldwide then later later UK Parliament told Facebook representative that Mark was flying to the United Kingdom. Parliment Q Facebook 2018 04 26 8 15 39 AM Political Censorship Trend A Facebook representative said April 25, 2018 will not be in attendance for the Diamond and Silk House Hearing. This week Diamond and Silk House Hearing will be heading to Washing