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State of Emergency

State of Emergency in Virginia  is a Deep State Wow are we heading down the dark ages, While it started with 100 white nationalists carrying torches as reported from Daboo 77  showing up at the University of Virginia campus. This crazy individuals chanted "Soil in your own blood". The next morning  Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe declares a state of emergency. The declaration is to allow the Virginia state to assist in the response to the violence sparked during a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va. A very well thought and immediate response to do so, to protect the sane innocent citizens of Virginia.  Nothing can ever be solved with Fire in your hands folk! Rage and Fire is heading back to the Viking Times . Chaos in Virginia: National Guard Called in After Emergency Declare At a very dangerous situation arises in Emergency where it has  had to declare a state of emergency. While the police  seems to be laying back watching the show t