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The Pacific Coast Awaits Danger, Flooding and Tsunami or More

The Pacific Coast Awaits Danger, Flooding and Tsunami or More? by Veronica Davis 2018-07-24
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Sismos de Hoy Julio 24 2018July 24, 2018

To predict the future is not as easy as numbers. But if you look for videos online you will find how there are predictions for Great Earthquakes in California and in Latin America Nicaragua.

But it is hard to resist that makes one wonder if the Future is Today.

Near Oregon United States Earthquakes Today 

An Hour ago, two unusual Earthquakes off the coastline of Oregon . If it does not bring a Tsunami then what.  This will bring an increase of flooding.

Tuesday July 24 2018, 12:16:33 UTC106 minutes ago214km WSW of Gold Beach, Oregon5.015.0USGS FeedDetailTuesday July 24 2018, 12:16:32 UTC106 minutes ago202km WSW of Gold Beach, Oregon4.310.0

Deep Earthquakes Today

Tuesday July 24 2018, 11:35:54 UTC 2 hours ago 78km WSW of Willow, Alaska 1.3 mag
70.5 profundidad km 

Tuesday July 24 2018, 11:17:24 UTC 2 hours ago 23km WNW of Chilecito, Argentina 4.4 mag