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Whales Dying Large Earthquakes Signs Are you still wondering

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Climate Chaos Whales Dying Large Earthquakes Signs Are you still wonderingby Veronica Davis@megatrndz  2018-12-05 12:00 pm
They Know!
They Know!
But do you!

Whales Dying Large Earthquakes near area are you still wondering! The 10 km depth trend still a sign of more signs that it could be related to the 0 depth quakes coming from Alaska. Watch videos below where there is a strange anomaly found when the large earthquake that just recently happened in Anchorage Alaska. Relationship to H.A.R.P! All these too many coincidences are not just correlated but evidence.

M 7.5 - 168km ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia
2018-12-05 04:18:08 (UTC)21.969°S 169.446°E 10.0 km depth

Tsunami Warning People were ordered evacuated immediately, after the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) warned that tsunami waves of 3…

HAARP South Pacific Ocean Fiji Deep Earthquakes Aug 22 2018

 Climate Change Deep Unusual Earthquake Trend  Volcano Trend  Hurricane Trend   Fireball Trend     Meteor Trend  Asteroid Trend

HAARP South Pacific Ocean Fiji Deep EarthquakesAug 22 20182018-08-22

Climate Chaos

HAARP South Pacific Ocean Fiji Deep Earthquakes a must watch 4 part report about what is going on in the South Pacific Ocean quietly. What should we do. What must we do to save our planet.

Part 1 2018 08 19 5 32 39 PM

part 2 2018 08 19 5 46 27 PM

Part 3

Part 4

How to destroy for fun and games being taught at University Level Huh. Not to destroy a toy but how to destroy the earth.
When King David played the HARP it was more than just for entertainment. It is no coincidence the acronym is HARP. While HAARP was suppose to have been shut down it remained open. What once belonged to the NAVY and DARPA had been shut down for short funding which later was sold to the University…

Climate Chaos: Evacuation Trend Virginia Floods California Fires