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Blind Gatherings Peaceful Protest an Oxymoron

Blind Gatherings Peaceful Protest an Oxymoron Tuesday 6/2/2020
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Tuesday Day 7 June 2 of Chaos Anarchy and Violence TrendBling Gathering Trend Curfew Trends

What is an anarchist? George Floyd demonstration, peaceful protest to violence and chaos, destruction to terrorism. George Floyd a porn-star and security guard may have died a week ago but remembering what he stood for is shrouded in mystery and chaos.

Remember the time when Jesus Christ told his Apostles what the signs of the end times would be? Jesus Christ said to watch for the signs when evil is called good? It looks like when we are here. He also said to watch out for the word 'Peace.'

a whole new evil agenda chaos destruction by megatrndz

Sugar coating a bad situation may be as bad as when Jesus Christ said 'though they have eyes to see they can not see'.

What is the new Peaceful Protest? What is the new media term of Window …