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Deception Trend Times Signs and Seasons of 2019 Many Are Wondering

Climate ChangeEarthquakesVolcano EruptionsWild Fires

Human CrisisDisplaced People Around the WorldHuman CaravansStreet Protests  Corrupt Politics
  Unexplained5G DangersAnimal Deaths

 Times Signs and Seasons of 2019 Many Are Wonderingby Veronica Davis@megatrndz  2018-12-05 11:00 am
They Know!
They Know!
But do you!

Secret Codes
Q Trends
Animals Trends
Protests in the Streets

All part of the deception trend

Do not Get Fooled

No of this
Are the Signs
None of this is the Season

It is all part of the Deception
Whatever is a secret to us
Is a deception to us

They Know
Now we too..

The Lord Jesus Christ speaks about the Deception Agenda

 Make sure to visit for the updates you are not alone.

We all know!
Together we will be the light of the World

 #COP24 Could Mean More Than a Hashtag Again the Hidden Hand Dec 4, 2018by Veronica Davis @megatrndz  2018-12-04 6:00 pm
##Geoengineering #solargeoengineering #diamonddust #smartdust #smartagriculture