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Frida Sofia

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  Frida Sofia is Real!   2017-09-24 11:18 am 

Frida Sofia is a little girl that has become a controversial story after Mexico City's Earthquake.

At 28 km from Axochiapan, Morelos, Mexico · Sep 19, 1:14 PM On Tuesday, as the Earthquake demolished one building after another, one particular building caught a world wide  attention from the press. An elementary school called Enrique Rebsámen rumbled to the ground. Burying most children over 20 children died and are still be searched on. For the first few days, civilians as volunteers became part of the mission to save the children buried alive.

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 As parents gathered around the school one story lost attention when it was claimed by the press that a little girl Frida Sofia never existed. The press claimed that there were never any parents present claimin…