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Mandela Effect

A New trend hitting the internet with researchers and documented videos of the Mandela Effect. If you have not heard of it it is a must to watch and keep the knowledge? What is the Mandela Effect?  It is all about the editing , the making changes? It is Effect that has been taking change for some time now in the marketing world. Not mispelling but Name changing?  What about editing the past and that is what the Mandela Effect is? It is alternating reality? Does this make sense? Right!..... Wrong! Nope it is not Dementia or Alzheiemer's or mispelled wording but the Mandela Effect ? Why Mandela? There has been proof and reports that Mandela had died in jail in the 1980's in the 1980"s ? So when Mandela came out of jail in the 1990's the inconsistency with this reports has brought light to why the Mandela Effect exists? Its speculations of why history is one way today and it is altered in the future. So pay attention now if you have not been paying attention t