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The Mississippi Sinkhole 2015-11-07 Trend

2015-07-2015 Meridan, Mississippi, Is this for real? While IHOP Restaurant is all over the news, it is not for the good? If it sounds unreal, that is because it not! Is Mississippi Sinking? Just yesterday a 50 foot deep sinkhole swallowed 15 cars at the IHOP restaurant parking lot. The sinkhole extends all the way to Sowashee Creek, nearly 600 feet away. Officials still trying to determine what caused a massive sinkhole in an IHOP parking lot — Yahoo (@Yahoo) November 9, 2015 Massive #sinkhole swallows at least a dozen cars in #Meridian , MS; latest on what we know: — The Weather Channel (@weatherchannel) November 9, 2015 Drone footage: Gian Sinkhole swallows 14 cars in Mississippi parking.. In August 2013, a previous sinkhole forced an entire town in the Bayou Corne to be evacuated. Blame the hackers, miners, drillers construction workers reshaping th

UFO Over Los Angeles Trend 2015-11-07

With over 5 million views, the most recent report of ufo seen over the city of Los Angeles has definitely hit home run for quickly growing trend. This falls under the same trend of keep your eyes in the sky , see the Floating City Trend  from the October 20. 2015 post.  Are Project Blue beam, NASA, CERN behind all this? Do you agree,  On November 7, 2015 several eye witness  took their their  video recording from Los, Angeles and made it viral?  News reporters are claiming the vision in the sky is suppose to be a missile test? Missile Test But is it really a missile test? The UK News reporter John A. Moreno and Ellina Abovian Bright Moving Object Seen Above SoCal Was Unarmed Missile Test-Fired by Navy: Officials  : A Navy spokesman told the San Diego Union-Tribune that the luminous object was an unarmed Trident missile that was test-fired from a submarine off the coast of Southern California. The truth is, are we ready for the truth? Trusting the Lord is the best answer.