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Animal Human Beach Rescue Trend

Whale Rescued by  Brazilian Caring People Animal Human Beach Rescue Trend on @bloglovin — (@megatrndz) August 25, 2017 If there is one thing Brazilian People are leading example of is in helping and rescuing animals on their Beach Coast. And they are not afraid to give a hand. Back in 2012 the brazilian people didn't watch the dolphins die they saved 30. Now over 300 volunteers rushed the waters to save one sad helpless Humpbackwhale. It is a phenomena of whales, dolphins, all kinds of water creatures washing ashore around the world. But overcoming a deadly  scenario in Brazil on August 25, 2017 was not easy, and yet it was a so powerful it drew attention to the whole Brazilian Beach. It was a beautiful gesture while  hundreds of spectators watchers others helped the helpless  Humpback Whale as it washed ashore in Brazil. Watch below amazing rt news en espanol video of  How loving people gathered for one desperate whale to be rescued b