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Hypersonic Missile Lauched by NK

NK has been delivering weak messages to the West. Weak because it has not met its target. However, a game that is very dangerous to Nature and Humanity.  Over the past 10 years the missile test aiming all off the West Coast of Canada and United States has long been in the making. Breaking News January 10-12 2022 Well Known host of behold Israel has announced breaking news of yesterday lauch of North Korea 700 kilometer Hypersonic Missile. Air Traffic was halted for 7 minutes. This has not happened since 9/11. Behold Israel. Video Nbc news reported it 10 hours ago. It is 6 am winnipeg central time. See  North Korea launches 2nd missile after hypersonic missile. This was posted 20 hours ago. See #NorthKorea #News #NightlyNews North Korea Tests New Hypersonic Ballistic Missile posted on Jan 11, 2022 Panetta: North Korea Developing Capabilities That Are "challenging" Missile Defense