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#lyrid  #comet  #meteor  #shootingstar  #celestialevent  #skywatchers April's Celestial Event: Comet C/1861 G1 's Debris   Share Monsterous Asteroid Passing by Earth on April 19, 2017 #lyrid #comet #meteorshowers — (@megatrndz) April 18, 2017     A beautiful view of the Earth. Amazing to watch from day to night. NASA LIVE: 馃懡馃寧 "EARTH FROM SPACE" ♥ #SpaceTalk (2017) LIVE FEED HDVR | Subscribe now! Earthquakes were predicted where Fiji received a 6.1 magnitude on the 18th of April at about 18:00. Iquitos, Peru received a 6.0 earthquake a couple minutes later. Big Solar Eruption, Earthquakes, Climate | S0 News Apr.19.2017