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Politics put before Climate Chaos and Humanity

Climate Change Trends: The Writting is on the Wall as Super Typhoon Creates Havec  2017-10-22 8:00 am  updated 10 29 am  Hashtags #supertyphoonlan  #hurricane #climatechaos #earthquakes #typhoonlan #notnaturalmanmade #japan #tokyo #pacificocean #evacuation All information can be directly viewed at however it will not work accurately after 30 hours in advance. At 10:53 pm Sunday October 22, 2017  Kochi, Japan winds are at 164km Super Typhoon's eye is 71 km It is Sunday, October 22 2017 9:10 pm Tokyo Time Ferocius 94 km of Super Typhoon Lan part 1 of 3 , see ventusky video created by megatrndz at around 7 am central noth america time, 9 pm Tokyo, Japan Time On the second part of the video it is 9:22 pm in Japan A closer look at Super Typhoon Lan 9:21 pm in Japan 188 kn winds and waves up to 39 ft high The super typhoon lan eye is 94 km an hour 27 Celsius and waves as high over 39 feet will , 188 km winds near west southern coastline of Jap