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Emergency Legislation Passed March 24 2020 PM Trudeau

Emergency Legislation Passed March 24 2020 PM Trudeau 3/24/2020 10:30 AM
According to Trudeau, Federal Assistance as announced last week is on its way. Passing the Bill today. All of us in Parliament must work together' says Trudeau today as he addresses the Canadians from Ottawa.

One more flight from Moroco and Peru will leave today.
Other places where Canadians will be picked up are Tanishia, Ukraine, Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador and Spain.

 How long will these emergency measurements take place Trudeau answered, 'We do not know yet'.

Times are Avalanche Changing  

What does Emergency readiness and Wartime mean? Today Toronto will be bringing in Military.

In the United States Illinois, New York, and California have been setting up for several days.

UK is in total Lockdown.

Worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic Infected 396, 249  17, 252 deaths  103, 334 recovered

81,588 China
63,927 Italy
46,548 US
39,673 Spain
31,370 Germany
24,811 Iran
20,149 France
9,117 Switzerland
9,037 Korea…