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Human Crisis Paris fights for Freedom August 21 2021

Paris Fights for freedom. We are the last generation that will have freedom, the signs said.  A peacefully protest today with thousands walking the streets of Paris.   Ruptly went live for hours a peaceful walk.  Then hundreds of police officers came to cause terror. Police were running among the crowds of peaceful walkers. Macron is not a favorite after his health orders infringes people rights of their own bodies.  God Bless the peaceful demonstors in Paris streets today. You have earned your freedom your songs delivers victory towards a tyrant Government. Yours Truly, Veronica Davis

PM of Canada Justin Trudeau August 20 2021

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stops in Crestview Winnipeg Veronica Davis August 20 2021 A Kingdom that  is fully vaxxed does not exist. But that is the kingdom Justin Trudeau wants to reign. He is calling federal elections 2 years early as if that is really democratic. Today the bizarre happened. Cars were stopping in my front drive . I looked out my front window and two cars blocked cavalier drive no one could come in or out. I headed back to see the commotion. And a neighbour said Trudeau is there. Was he kidding. An empty Beaver bus and about 15 officers blocking the public back lane. No walking across. Later, I found an hour long cpac youtube video of Trudeau's promise to the world for next 4 or 6 yrs if he wins. Why does PM of Canada decide to do speech at a small grocery as a federal campaign move. It has many wondering. Today he was in my backlane but unapproachable PM Justin Trudeau. Did he recognize me. The caravan past infront of me and he didn't even say hi or did he