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7.4 magnitude Mexico City Earthquake Trend

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  My Daughter is Buried and No One Looking For Her?   2017-09-22- 8:48 am 

It has been several days now and some people in Mexico are still speechless and looking for their loved one. Not knowing if they are alive or dead.

A women still searching for her daughter and has received no help from government. In this sad interview with Jorge Ramos, she mentions that she has not been allowed to enter the area where she says her daughter worked as an accountant. Along with the Telemundo reporter Jorge Ramos she enters the forbidden site to regular mexican citizens. Listen to Conchita Gamez, the lady sitting alone as Jorge Ramos finds her September 21, 2017.
"Mi hija está enterrada entre todo eso que está ahí tirado": El llanto de una madre que pide ayuda

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