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Storm Area 51 Emergency Declared

Emergency Evacuation Trend:  Storm Area 51 Emergency Declaredby Veronica Davis
(August 21, 2019 10:30 central) Almost 21 hours ago, the news spread Area 51 under emergency evacuation declaration. So what exactly is happening in Nevada. Is there really a storm happening as we read this article. The answer is no. No real storm is happening however, they are preparing for a future event that has not even happened yet.

The emergency declaration is based on no real threat but a government fear.  The United States government has been declaring such emergencies, like the time they claimed thousands of immigrants would storm the United States Mexican border.

They claim that it is the nearby citizens that are concerned about this event. However, it probably is the Government concerned that it will get out of hand.

The coordinates of area 51 are 37°14′0″N115°48′30″W and 83 miles (134 km) north-northwest of Las Vegas

Since the 1950's Area 51 has been a place shrouded with secrecy. A place wh…

A Super Soldier Story Not Forgotten 'James Casbolt'

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A Super Soldier Story Not Forgotten 'James Casbolt'2019-02-11

Miles Johnston has updated his followers on Feb 8 2019 about super soldier human experiment, James Casbolt . His Birth name Michael Prince. James Casbolt is a super soldier that was experimented on as a child. He claims to have been raised as a child off Nelson Base 9 in British Columbia Canada. A few years back, after marrying a wealthy socialite his past has been mysteriously erased. Megatrndz has followed his story since 2014 but his story can be traced back as far as 1993. Just before he was sent  to Prison. His story as a secret undercover super soldier is an amazing story to understand and know more about.

New Book Out!

Because Miles Johnston and o…

Strange Trend Mysterious Animals Bigfoot, Sasquatch, ...

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Strange Trend Mysterious Animals Bigfoot, Sasquatch, ...Veronica Davis Sunday  2018-10-07

The strange trend of mysterious animals or creatures will be excessively increasing as the hybrid and chimeras agenda will come out of the dark into the light over the course of the century.

The wicked flee, when no one pursues,
But the righteous are bold as a Lion. (Ps 53:5)

Good vs Evil Corrupting God's Seed of Man

Strange experiments already centuries old as the battle of good verses evil has not stopped since God first put mankind in …