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Storm Area 51 Emergency Declared

Emergency Evacuation Trend:  Storm Area 51 Emergency Declared

by Veronica Davis

(August 21, 2019 10:30 central) Almost 21 hours ago, the news spread Area 51 under emergency evacuation declaration. So what exactly is happening in Nevada. Is there really a storm happening as we read this article. The answer is no. No real storm is happening however, they are preparing for a future event that has not even happened yet.

The emergency declaration is based on no real threat but a government fear.  The United States government has been declaring such emergencies, like the time they claimed thousands of immigrants would storm the United States Mexican border.

They claim that it is the nearby citizens that are concerned about this event. However, it probably is the Government concerned that it will get out of hand.

The coordinates of area 51 are 37°14′0″N115°48′30″W and 83 miles (134 km) north-northwest of Las Vegas

Since the 1950's Area 51 has been a place shrouded with secrecy. A place where underground tunnels exists and human experimenting. Area 51 is among one  the places where human cloning, human hybrids is set to exist.

If you are new to megatrndz website read about transhumanism, superhuman experiments, cloning centers, supersoldier, genetic manipulation, alien agenda. and most obvious the emergency declaration trend.

For this reason,  concerned patriots of human rights have been joining to attend an event called "storm area 51". In less than a month from now, September 21, 2019 the event is scheduled. So far four hundred thousand people have signed for this event on facebook.

The biggest concern of the people participating is the real secrecy shrouded this site.  Area 51 is a site where there are signs all over, claiming  anyone on site will be shot. Recently, there was a real event made into a  movie it was released after a man disappeared while lost in the same grounds of area 51. His disappearance could only be speculation because of the secrecy behind the Government.

I wonder how will they evacuate ALL the aliens  of area 51?

Deception Agenda Trend:  People's Party PPC accused of Conspiracy Theories By Journalist

by Veronica Davis

(August 19, 2019) Conspiracy Theories and Red Pill what does it mean in this time and age? Will the People Party head to MP votes. On Sunday, Canada's People's Party Maxime Bernier says to journalists,

 ' He is here to win'

 says Bernier at Quebec convention. The question of conspiracy theory by journalist was brought up and Bernier responded in the most upright way. Irrelevant questions like why he is not at the pride parade were asked. Five hundred members united yesterday they stated that  PC leader, Andrew Scheer was backing Islamist extremists and it should be part of the discussion as those are not Canadian values.

Christianity place a huge role when learning more about the new PPC.  There is a truth that needs to be brought to light in the direction that Canada is heading and no one is talking about. The PPC respects and so far is respecting  christian values againsts extreme opressors. Preference over race , color or ethnicity has nothing to do with protecting citizen that are currently in Canada.

One journalist asked: Are you scared that there will be an infiltration, Islamic threat? His response was, Andrew Scheer is trying to get the votes from Islamic extremist. Bernier advised everyone to do their research what is truly going on.'There is a candidate that shares these views'.

Mr Maxime Bernier says he is against extreism.

Maxime Bernier does not agree with Mass migration , but agrees with immigration. So those are relevant questions that Canadians should be asking themselves. These questions brought up by Maxime are all part of the trends happening today not of the conspiracy theorists but of the actual concerned citizens against terrorism brought into Canada through mass migration.

The journalists questioning Maxime Bernier People's Party first annual convention can be seen on CPAC.

Do you see United Nations a threat to Canada? That question was brought up because of the Compact agreement, a trend discussed on megatrndz website. Maxime points out to the obvious, 'If it is not binding why sign it?'

According to the United Nations Canada in the year of 2018 Canada has taken 22, 100 refugee out of 92,400 with United States being second, 92,400 .

These trends are relevant because globalism vs nationalism were among the debates in the United Nation 2018 discussion. Where U.S President openly prefers nationalism vs globalism due to what is happening with the Mass Migration and the new Universal Global Pact Agreement. This is important to note because France's President Macron has been for Globalism. A rise of removing local forces with a universal forces ran by the United Nations is secretly discussed. On November 7, 2018 France President Emmanuel Macron has pushed  10 other countries to forming alliances for a united european army. Founder of End Time Ministries believes this could be the 10 horns revealed by the Prophet Daniel thousands years ago find out more Heavenly Mysteries or read  the Book of Daniel chapter seven verse four.

Are you Canada's Donald Trump? Maxime's response 'Why do you say that?"

He was asked about what it meant to take the Red Pill? Have you never seen the movie the Matrix the Red Pill vs the Blue Pill someone responded. Maxime says to look at the past years tweets for that response.

Maxime Bernier is an 11 months old a baby when running the political race , however his knowledge with what he is talking about and bringing it to the political arena forefront is amazing. He seems truly convincing and genuine than the other Canadian parties. People's Party of Canada is a grass root movement nationaly started September 2018 by Bernier where he was part of the PC Party. Bernier claims the PC Party is morally corrupt.

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PPC Canada's fastest rising political party where will you be  in October 2019.

Meanwhile Andrew Scheer was in St. Catharine's, Ontario press conference where his political focus was on SNC Lavalin and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau controversy. 

We know that Justin Trudeau has broke the Law, now we need to know if he has committed a crime." were among a few statements made by Scheer. As he continued his speech in asking Canadians 'The type of Canada that we want, Do we want Canada to be a country where the Prime Minister is above the Law where he or she can decide who gets prosecuted and who doesn't. Justin Trudeau wanted Vice Admiral Mark Norman prosecuted and he was, he wanted SNC Lavalin left off the hook and if it was not because Miss Wilson Raybould they would have been.

He says that, veiled threats were made to Miss Wilson Raybould staff.Breathtaking repeated threats 

from seniors PMO Officials, ongoing discussions with SNC ..explicit advice from the Privy council to avoid contact about how to get the company what it wanted. Secret meetings with SNC officials to discuss new ways to pressure Attorney General Miss Wilson Rayboult . Essensially the same officials in the Prime Ministers office who are pressuring the attorney general  to overturn the prosecuter decisions were in constant contact with the defendants.  They were advocating on defendants behalf.

Deception Agenda: Miley Cyrus confusing Tweet Divorce is an Evolution

(August 14, 2019) Should Marriage and Divorce situations stay out of social media? Should all of our lives steps be posted to the public social media?

Do you feel you are living in a time and age where you are being taught on social media about life. That is because you are. One of society's most famous entertainers tries to put her beliefs about Marriage, Divorce, Science and life in one tweet. All part of the one world confusing agenda they are trying to throw to the readers and followers.

Although the message does not include the word marriage or divorce it is encoded. The meaning could be multiple but it is the obvious that one must understand. Miley is educating  her followers about climatic changes as being not man made but an inevitable evolution. Which is not correct because climate change today is being man manipulated not through natural causes.

Below is an image of Miley Cyrus tweet on August 11, 2019 about her split with Liam.

Liam tweets hours later about his Marriage situation which appears to be in response to his Wife's tweet.

Evolution is one thing. But one message I have to Miley Cyrus is that Marriage and Divorce is not evolution. Comparing Science with nature is like comparing apple with stones.

There is a Message that might help Miley and all her young followers who believe in her Words. It is quite simple.

What did Yeshua Jesus Christ say to the Pharisees when asked about Divorce? 
Find this answer in Heaven Mysteries website

Initially when God Almighty Yahweh Elohim created first Man, in his own image he had to continue on creating his own image because one was not enough.  God Almighty Yahweh Elohim creates his other half . He calls her Eve.

Why did God Almighty create woman?
What does Eve mean?
Find out more what Eve means in Heaven Mysteries website

Marriage nor Divorce can not be an evolution because it has forever existed. It is not like he created man and then millions of years later created woman.

So it is not surprising to understand Miley's confusing message on twitter to her ex hubby.  Her beliefs about evolution and humanity are just as confusing as her life. Perhaps Miley needs a deeper understand in what life really is in the eyes of the All Mighty before she tweets such Gigantic words with false premises.

Climate Chaos  Censorship Trend
Deception Trend

Censored Deception Trend Epstein Dead

(August 10, 2019)The end is not near. But what would probably be real astonishing is that Jefferey Epstein probably was not really his real name or real life. Killing many birds with one stone looks like an easy story for a horrific story. However did it really happen. The only death here  is the narrative. How realistic are 2 attempts of suicide . The story involve different countries, kings and queens and corruption beyond a few hundred victims. It is exposing everyone that is in charge today. Bringing out to surface what we already know. But just because this would have been a climate political chaos does not mean it is safe now that the testimony is gone. The godless have somehow known how to hide Epstein. Until his real body comes to the surface there would be nothing else to deny.

Countries against each other. This would have been an endless case of lawsuits to bring down the darkness in the world. This is a great example how the people do not have control of the truth because the powers of darkness are reigning the world. But when Yeshua Jesus Christ came two thousand years ago it was exactly as it was today. That is why he came, to bring to light what was in the dark.

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2) bringing the truth to the light
3) international crimes against humanity
4) ancient cults

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