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The Set Up Cancel Culture Movement!

Human Crisis TrendRemove Statue TrendCancel Culture Movement Trend
Arise, The Set Up Cancel Culture Movement! 7/27/2020

Dt 29:29  Mt 24:12  Luke 12:2

Who will rise up? Who will be woken up from their deep sleep? While the World is being set up for the the stage of the coming of the end of age, the Holy One or Qodesh prepare.

America is being faced with dilemma since the beginning of time. But it is not just America,  when the movement has hit world stage decades ago. It has been moving in a slow pace and is it finally hitting home. We talk of this happening in the Middle East, and that happening in South or Central America but what happens when it hits home.

Was it a set up? The Cancel Culture Movement is hitting full circle. Because One God create one World. And we are living in it. Scratch the set up.

Is not God Almighty the one true creator of Heaven and Earth finally revealing what was hidden in the dark. But …

Deception Agenda The Chaos Recipe

Human CrisisDeception Trend The New Global AgendaAgenda 2020 2021  2030   2050

Deception Agenda The Chaos Recipe 6/18/2020
Is Black Lives Matter the new Political Party?

Is the civil unrest a well planned agenda? Yes Deception Agenda is just the recipe to the Chaos Recipe. With many ingredients to cook the perfect meal it was created by many cooks in the kitchen. The civil unrest agenda has been taught in university gatherings to create a universal propaganda. The new target is the teens who are in love with their cell phones and social media. They are being highly targeted quietly through facebook, instagram and other well documented marketing cooks. So are there too many cooks in the kitchen.

Jesus Christ says in the End Times men' hearts will grow cold.

What is Chaz? The new civil unrest social gatherings. A recipe on overthrowing the current government. But all of this has already happened in many countries where civil war and violence has existed for many years such as in Nica…

Human Crisis Protest death of George Floyd "I can't Breath" brings turmoil

Human Crisis Protest death of George Floyd "I can't Breath" brings Turmoil People behaving in the most uncivilized manner. These are the godless ones. It also shows the power of the civilization today. When humanity fails to obey the injustice of social order.

In the last few hours a world has been turned upside down in Minneapolis. Not leaving it in the hands of God Almighty. It looks like a break down of civilization or is it the beginning of civil war. For the majority believing in the God Almighty Yeshua Jesus Christ whom has given us instructions to stand still. Just like the time when Abraham watched Sodom burn to the ground as he watched from a far and stood still with God Almighty.

Then I said, "Lord how long?" and he answered:

"Until the cities are laid waste and without inhabitant,
the house are without man ,
the land is utterly desolate,
The Lord has removed men far away
and the forsaken places
are many  in the midst of the land.
Isaiah 6:11 HL

Global Pandemic Trend Covid-19 4/24/2020

Human Crisis  Global Pandemic Trend 4/24/2020

The Covid-19 virus has been spreading like wild fire in some countries. A human crisis that seem to not go away. It does not matter whether or not it is a first world country like the United States or a third world country. The United States came in first with the most Covid-19 new cases +38,764. The second country is Ecuador +11,536. The Third Country with the biggest jump as of April 23, 2020 was Spain with an increase of  +6,740.

According to the World Health Organization:

Every year an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people die in the world due to complications from seasonal influenza (flu) viruses. This figure corresponds to 795 to 1,781 deaths per day due to the seasonal flu.

SARS (November 2002 to July 2003): was a coronavirus that originated from Beijing, China, spread to 29 countries, and resulted in 8,096 people infected with 774 deaths (fatality rate of 9.6%). Considering that SARS ended up infecting 5,237 people in mainland China…

#STAYHOME worldwide news megatrndz

1 Peter 2:13- Psalms 91

#stayhome #yomequedoencasa
#stayhome covid-19 is a human crisis. Five year old children are getting the covid-19.  Do not disobey parents and authorities .

The United States maintains its spot to number one for having most cases worldwide. Canada is not in the top 13. China is now holding the sixth spot for having covid-19 as of April 4, 2020. 
Children face uncertainty over when they will be in school. Education worldwide will become at home as countries around the World are stating different returning dates in most place 'indefinitely'.
United States and Canada
People receiving emergency alerts on their homes to stay at home.
Miami, United States
Kids will not be going to school until December 2020 ...possibly. RECTA FINAL 1 por el Roeh Dr. Javier Palacios Celorio EN VIVO 7 PM
Last Minute Groceries
Countries worldwide are still trying to get their groceries places like Barbados and Ecuador do not follow social distance in s…

Saturday March 22, 2020 COVID-19 Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

Global Pandemic Wartime Readiness! Selling Masks Get to Know Jesus Christ  Matthew 24   Isaiah 26:20Psalms 91 Saturday March 22, 2020 COVID-19 Canadian PM Justin Trudeau 3/22/2020
EERIE CANADA IS 17# COVID-19 Rising Quickly March 22

Worldwide  Pandemic  Covid-19 confirmed  311,988 
 China 81,394  Italy 53,578  Spain 28,572  US 26,747 Germany 23,129  Iran 20,610 France 14,485 Korea, South 8,897 Switzerland 6,652 United Kingdom 5,067Netherlands 3,643  Austria 3,021 Belgium 2, 815  Norway 2,216  Sweden 1,770 Denmark 1,420  Canada 1,328

Canada is in the top 17 countries with most covid-19 cases, for full list see below. Canada has not been in a National Emergency, as Trudeau is still in self Isolation with his wife in quarantine since March 12, 2020
CANADA IS 17# COVID-19 Rising Quickly

SELLING FOR OUR PROTECTION If you have not watched last video, please make sure you are watching it. Yesterday  I was at the fabric store. The mood was edgy. Eve…

March 21 2020 COVID-19 update: Trudeau addresses Canadians | Special coverage

March 21 2020
No Emergency Act declared yet

The World is Halted in Two WeeksMarch 21 2020

Over 2,000 unknown Canadians stranded in Peru. Peru is currently in a lockdown. No one can leave. Right now there are over 900 Canadians together in Peru waiting for their flight's help from the Canadian Government. Global affairs says there are 4,300 Canadians in Peru. People in Peru stranded feel they have been left in the dark. Transparency has been limited and some did not know what they were in an State emergency.

First flight is leaving from Morocco per PM Trudeau this afternoon. Air Canada flight from Morocco arrives in Canada. Military has other flight from Peru will leave from Spain.

Borders around the world are closed and in a lockdown. 70 million in the US under lockdown. Martial Law, curfews implemented in some states in the United States, Latin American Countries and Europe. Alex Jones is calling it a World War 4 the third one was the Cold War. A restaurant store in California ha…

March 20 2020 COVID-19 Trudeau addressing Canadians | Special coverage

March 20 2020 COVID-19  Trudeau addressing Canadians | Special coverage March 20, 2020 
It has been seven days since Trudeau's wife Sophie has tested positive for the Covid-19. It has been six days since the Parliament has been suspended.

Trudeau addresses from Ottawa place of  self-isolation:

First flight will leave Morocco this weekend to help Canadian come back homeMarch 20 2020 by Midnight Canada-US concludes no essential travel (tourists), Minister Blair will address laterTrade and commerce continues between Canada-USCanada- US mutual agreement in progress to send back irregular migrants trying to cross the border

Top 20 Countries out of 163 as of  March 20 2020 9:13 AM:

246,444 Covid-19 infected 1067 deaths

81,250 China
41,035 Italy
18,407 Iran
18,077 Spain
16,290 Germany
14,250 US
10,891 France
8,652 Korea, South
4,164 Switzerland
3,297 United Kingdom
2,468 Netherlands
2,203 Austria
1,802 Norway
1,795 Belgium
1,439 Sweden
1,225 Denmark
963 Japan
900 Malaysia
873 Canada
785 P…