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Deception Agenda The Chaos Recipe

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Deception Agenda The Chaos Recipe


Is Black Lives Matter the new Political Party?

Is the civil unrest a well planned agenda? Yes Deception Agenda is just the recipe to the Chaos Recipe. With many ingredients to cook the perfect meal it was created by many cooks in the kitchen. The civil unrest agenda has been taught in university gatherings to create a universal propaganda. The new target is the teens who are in love with their cell phones and social media. They are being highly targeted quietly through facebook, instagram and other well documented marketing cooks. So are there too many cooks in the kitchen.

Jesus Christ says in the End Times men' hearts will grow cold.

What is Chaz? The new civil unrest social gatherings. A recipe on overthrowing the current government. But all of this has already happened in many countries where civil war and violence has existed for many years such as in Nicaragua.

Owen from infowarwebsite introduction to the Deep Dark Agenda (12:56) :

"JaZ and rap gang banging culture brought to you by democrats bringing in crack  to your inner cities..brought to you by Agenda to get black people is in the rap industry that is why you do not have louis armstrong, Nat King Cole, Aretha Frankling any of those great musicians that wore classy dresses suits and ties, now you get Jazy and the Gangbanging  culture black culture that was done by the CIA  call it a deep state program yeah the democrats are behind it    johnson probably joe biden too .(.A video clip is being played where a violent black man wearing pants below his but beats up a white man at a mall.) So he thinks behaving like a thug  is now his culture because that is what JaZ taught him...It was well known in prison you wore your pants below your but that meant 'hey im open for business'. But then they brought them into the black culture as a big joke for black people because that is what the democrats do on to you."

But this is not news for anyone, a priest once said that at his conference about what it meant to wear the pants below the but. So everything that America is experiencing now has already happened to the rest of the world's history.

The Dark, Deep Truth Behind Civil Unrest -  6/17/20

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