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Minneapolis as the first American State to Defund Police 6/13 2020

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Can the police department be abolished? Are we in a brainwashed society? Nothing is new under God Almighty's eyes.

An American State, Minneapolis has not only burned down three police stations it is now defunding the police. What about abolish the Police Department? So what does defunding the police mean? While defunding may be a new word is civilization quickly disappearing? The answer is yes.Just like we are being brainwashed to believe the new normal.

Not only are we listening to commentators, and religious leaders such as Archbishop Vigano speak the truth when will the rest of civilization wake up. Many people quickly are waking up to the reality but what is reality to us is not for the others. The Masonic people? The Antifa?  The Communists? The Socialist? The Globalist Business owners?

Yesterday I decided to go for my first trip to McDonald's nearby. I am easily not a junk food fan but a cold coffee seemed to be a quick option at that time. It was seven o'clock at night the sun was up on a quiet Friday evening. As I walked through the entrance two people greeted my husband and I . Not a soul was in the restaurant that is use to being out of seats back in February before it all started you know the Pandemic. Was it the first day that the restaurant was going to be open to the walking public I am not sure. But the quick welcome turned to be a harsh reality of the brainwashed society.

As I looked out the window at a distance from my husband whom was doing the order, I was harassed by a third McDonald's staff.  Not so friendly when he ordered me without a hello, or not that he cared to say hello or to know who I was. He ordered me to stand next to the person I came with. He quickly ran outside and I thought, did he just really just order me to stand there when there is not a soul in sight. I stood my grounds and continued to stand where i was. While I walked out the door the same 2 people that greeted us at first , came to the cashier stand.  'What a horrible experience I had being corralled by the staff?' I said to the two while we left the building. I am sure that the third Mcdonald staff called the first two to come and continue to harrass me but because we were leaving they did not get a chance . So this is the kind of society we are living in, one where we are being bullied outside. Its best to not even go to this globalists restaurants I thought.

Well if you are one of those , that want to keep your mouth closed and not say your reality to other than you will be dominated in the short run by these type of management whom are ordered to size you up into a tiny tomato. They will eat you up as quick as the tiny tomato that is if you do not stand up for yourself.

Here well I live in Winnipeg the number of infected covid-19 is less than 300 in a population of less than a 700,000. Not bad! But the crude reality of  people working in restaurants wearing masks and looking at you like you are there biggest fear quickly becomes blah. Blah i mean Blah because when this brainwashed society takes orders from the controlling globalists business owners whom probably are not wearing masks themselves and probably sun tanning in their yachts in all parts of the world.

Where is the rule of Law? 'The police has left', says Rick Wiles a commentator from Trunews.

They are anarchists? The city leaders are allowing the anarchists to run the town.


Another great youtube video to watch to understand what is all evolving infront of our eyes  is '#DeborahTavares #Covid19 #ClimateChangeCovid and Climate Change - Trojan Horse of Lies and Deception' by NEW. On June 13 2020 Deborah Tavares continues to unveil the CDC being a private corporation. She unveils The Rockefeller and urges us to read  their Documents  National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan - Pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities. -The ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION plan dated April 21, 2020 (27 pages)  and also the playlist

Overall I believe this take over of society and hijacking one group for the other has always existed.

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