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Crypto Trend: Crypto Currency Expo Unites World Wide Leaders in Dubai in October 2021

Crypto Trend: Crypto Currency  Unites World Wide Leaders in Dubai in  October 2021 World Block Chain Summit          by Veronica Davis  2021-10-07 Crypto Currency has its historical points and long in the making. It is no longer new today.  However, if you look the wrong way, you will still find articles that seem to be written more to scare off people. This is becoming a folklore for many and more as an insult for the many involved in this industry. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there and the train is moving real fast even today.  Most specially in a small moving World Wide economy created from this  two year pandemic. Crypto currencies can be owned by private owned companies, entire provinces or States and even countries.  This next week, thousands  of the movers and shakers of the world economy such of investors of crypto industry leaders are uniting in Dubai and I am going to be there to write about it. If permitted I will be casting it live one of them called World B