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Mark of the Beast Coronavirus

Mark of the Beast Coronavirus Sunday March 22, 2020 With over one billion people in lockdown for first time in history. Is there a deeper Agenda? What is this  agenda behind this virus. Mark of the Beast. Micro chipping will be used for the coronovirus fight. Roseanne Barr has guest Leo Zagami, John Barnwell, Lowel Joseph and Rev. David William Parry. She discusses about the Virus that is under control of the World. Dream Interpretation about the Coronavirus Watch video below where I speak about my Dragon dream and avalanche. I knew it all along. Protect yourself today.  Jesus Christ will be our protector pray and ask for his protection accept him in your heart. Read Psalms 91, Isaiah 26:20 and Matthew 24. THE PEW 10th episode: Could Orwell's 1984 be about living in