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Social Collapse Trend: Food Scarce Venezuela

Social Trend  Social Collapse Trend Food Scarce Venezuela Strange Trend  Nano Technology, Nanobots Unpredictable Celestial Objects hitting the Earth Climate Change Why is Christianity often Mocked and under Attack and Kept in Silence Climate Chaos An Abnormal January had massive Animal Deaths Social Collapse Trend:  Food Scarce Venezuela 2018-13-07 by Veronica Davis  Tweet Food For Thought Meal of the Day Is it possible to end the poverty. End the war on children. So They THINK. They have it all figured out.  Protesting outside. Begging for Food. Depriving us of Natural Seeds. Organic vs Hybrid. Natural vs GMO Depriving us of the dirt Chemtrails  Spraying Aluminum, Barium and  Stragum. And convincing us that is good for the environment. What kind of fools are we. Blessed are the meek For they inherit the Earth Blessed those who hunger and thirst for righteousness Blessed are the peacemakers.