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Strange Ritualistic Event Met Gala

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Mocking Trend: The MET Gala 2018 Was Not About Fashion but Mocking Catholics by Veronica Davis 2018-05-14

The MET Gala is becoming year after year a strange ritualistic event.

For those of you that follow the Christian Sacred Bible you will know how Lucifer the Falling Angel mocks God Jesus Christ many times. Well Mocking Our Lord Jesus Christ is becoming more of a ritual for satanic worshipers of the Hollywood Elite. Every year the MET Gala gets the Hollywood Elite to play dress up as they drink who known what gross ingredients they drink. Among this mocking trend strange behaviors and poses took place in front of the cameras on this night. Madonna looked more like she was heading for a funeral and as she performed her song in front of the elite she looked more like a character from the Bravo series The Handmaiden Tale.

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Why is Christianity often Mocked and under Attack and Kept in Silence

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Why is Christianity often Mocked and under Attack and Kept in Silence 2018-02-06 by Veronica Davis

Christians or Catholic Schools in Canada are no longer teaching or preaching the Sacred Bible. So if you want your child to go to a Catholic School to learn about the Bible you may think that he is there to learn about the Catholic faith. Well you thought wrong far from wrong. You may think that paying extra money to have your child educated on the Sacred Bible no longer exist and there are many reasons.

The Government of Canada no lon…

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