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"Northern Thunder" Trend

Taken by surprise, when the news hit the internet just under a week ago, when the Saudi officials just announced on Sunday, that they will invade Syria sending 350, 000 troops. This operation is called "Northern Thunder".  The Operation Northern Thunder is said to be the largest ever in the region of Syria with more than 2,500 war planes, 20,000 tanks,and 460 helicopters. It is a fight against ISIS.  But many are claiming that it is more than just an 18 day military exercise. This report has many reporters trending and speculating to be the beginning of WW3. It is a scenario where no American or Western countries are participating or included. Northern Thunder operation is taking place in the Northern part of Syria. Trunews broke the news earlier this week, Kelly Sloan reported on Friday February 12, 2016 that: ..the operation will include more than 20 countries who have sent troops in for training in the military exercise.. countries involved in Norther Thunder