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Climate Change : Indifinitely Closed Highway due to Historical Flood New Brunswick Canada

Climate Change    Climate Chaos        Emergency Declaration Trend       Tectonic Plates Moving Continent Trend    Continental Drift Trend      Island Disappearing Trend      Island Appearing Trend    Historical Flooding in New Brunswick Veronica Davis 2018-05-06 6:00 pm #NBFlood2018 #flooding #climatechange #climatechaos #canada #emergency More and more Humanity exposing themselves to danger. As more emergencies being declared around the planet. So are we seeing the Beginning of the Worst Disasters to Come. Are the Ocean Waters Rising? New Brunswick, Canada may be one of the first to experience Rising Sea Levels so why is no one reporting this. So historical floods in New Brunswick ,  has the Trans- Canada national highway remainsing closed . But how is it that it is being reported as "indefinitely " as  reported by CBC news.  Two days ago on May 3, 2018   the flooding is described as " the largest most impact flood generations if not