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Strange Events: Angry Thursday European Floods, Unusual Barrie Tornado

Climate Chaos     Climate Change   Unexplained Trends      Strange Trends     Laser Trends     Full Moon     Bridge Collapsing Trend   Human Crisis Trend     Targeted Individual Trend European Dangerous Lakes and Rivers causes Massive  Floods July 15, 2021 2021-07-16 by Veronica Davis What was happening around the World on Thursday that made Lakes, Rivers and Banks to break all around  Europe. This week's flash floods in northern villages of Schleitheim und Beggingen Switzerland has caused devastation.  So far there have been about 110 deaths reported western Germany and Belgium.  People died from Houses collapsing on them in Erftstadt, Southwest of Cologne. Aerial photos show a massive sinkhole. This Friday, People are still in danger as rescuing still continues. Images of Houses destroyed are seen  in Schuld, Germany, on July 15.  Images of Cars submerged in water after the Meuse River broke its banks during heavy flooding in Liege, Belgium. Images of  Upside